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Until You Understand

Until You Understand


God has a way of showing us who is in charge in so many ways. The way we seem to overlook is through lessons in life. We may seem to go through the same situation over and over again with no end in sight. But, we never stop to think about why we go through this. Why do I continue to make this mistake? Why do I go back to this relationship? Why am I always left picking up the pieces? Here is an explanation that may answer these questions.

When we do things in life, often times it’s on impulse. Not much thought is put into our decisions, not because we don’t want to of course. It is because we just don’t think about it. Our thoughts are clouded with the drawn up outcome of our fantasies. Everything will work out fine, or maybe I will finally be rewarded. We aren’t taking into consideration that we live in the “real” world and not everything is going to turn out perfect.

We end up going through with the same process and walking down the same path as always. What happens? We end up at the same dead end. We are told to walk the straight and narrow path (Matthew 7:14). This path is God’s will for us. It is the right direction for our life that will never end up at a dead end. But, instead and endless path!

When we go down our own road, we make detours and stops. We ignore signs and red flags. We fall into potholes and have way too many accidents for us to sustain. After an accident, you are hurt, and unable to move the way you should. This could have been avoided right?

Yes, it could have been avoided!

How could this have been avoided? Listening is the key. Listen to your Spirit, Listen to God’s word. Decipher right from wrong. Look at what you did before. Did you align yourself with God? Were you paying attention to his instruction? Were you seeking his advice? Or, were you just doing your own thing? These are questions that must be answered. In every situation, especially when you find yourself in the same situation over and over again.

Our Lord has no problem with putting you right back into the same position you were in until you see your mistakes. Until you’ve had enough. He doesn’t do this as punishment, but like any other parent he wants us to learn and make changes. We have to be ready and willing to make it through this. To seek him and understand that maybe it is me! Not him. He is not absent or silent. He isn’t allowing you to go through pain and discomfort out of anger. He wants you to see your worth. You are his and he lives within us. Keep your heart set on him. Never think that God does not want what is best for you. If he didn’t his son wouldn’t have died for us. Give any issues to him and begin the process of learning right from wrong.

I have been through this many time before. It took me forever to get it and understand my mistakes. I could never understand what I was doing so wrong every time. I realized God was not the center of my situation or my relationship. He was someone I went to when I felt like I was out of answers. When I had been drained of energy and self-worth I came to him. I should have come to him from the beginning and held his hand all the way through. Only HE has the answers, only He can make a way, and only He can guide me.

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