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How to Move on From a Toxic Relationship

Every day you hear about a struggle someone is having in their relationship. Whether it be on social media, tv, or in your own life, there is always an issue that seems to never end. How is that possible? Is it their behavior or personality? Their circumstances? Or is the possibility that it wasn’t meant to be? As someone who relies on The Lord’s opinion and guidance for everything, I’ve come to realize that most of the time the last option is the truth. I feel like we may  ...

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How to commune with God

  Have you ever felt like you needed to spend some time alone? Or maybe just need a break from the world? Yes, I know you may feel like this on a daily basis. It just might be God telling you it’s time to fellowship with him. Fellowship? Yes! Fellowship just like you would with your friends and family. But, there is something different about this. It’s not just talking to him. Its not just praying. Its more than that. It is communing! This is a closeness that only You and  ...

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How to Organize Your Money! Part 1

  In my life, I have always been good with money. My friends not so much! I won’t leave out certain family members on this either. As soon as they get a dollar they are running to spend it. This, of course, is the first mistake. How did i become money savvy? I save as much as I can¬†and organize it in a way that keeps me focused on the goal. If I need something I get it. But, if I want something I make sure to plan ahead for it. This can be done simply with one thing!

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