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Why You Must Forgive!

Unforgiveness is a silent killer. Most people don’t even realize that they suffer from it. They brush off the issue and suppress the entire situation, leaving their bodies to deal with it. Your body remembers everything. Yes, everything! No matter how hard you try to forget or suppress,¬†your body still remembers. How can you fix that? What is the solution?

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How to commune with God

  Have you ever felt like you needed to spend some time alone? Or maybe just need a break from the world? Yes, I know you may feel like this on a daily basis. It just might be God telling you it’s time to fellowship with him. Fellowship? Yes! Fellowship just like you would with your friends and family. But, there is something different about this. It’s not just talking to him. Its not just praying. Its more than that. It is communing! This is a closeness that only You and  ...

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The Inside Job of Dying to Self

In the Bible, you are told to Deny yourself (Matthew 16:24). No, this doesn’t mean to stop being who you are. We are all made unique by God, and he doesn’t want us to change that. It isn’t self-rejection either! It means we need to put away the selfishness, the pride, and all things that keep us from being Christ-like. It is about learning to look at others before yourself. Learning to Love even the toughest people, and being completely in LOVE with him. By loving him you  ...

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