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How I Deal With Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression

In our society, depression and anxiety are a part of millions of lives. It’s a mental and physical problem that doesn’t just go away in a flash. For me, I’veĀ been dealing with it for my whole life. Well, at least it feels that way. You never truly know the exact dates or times of when it began, but you just know that it did. As a kid, I would say that I felt depressed and the typical parent response is “you have nothing to be depressed about” or “you  ...

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Self Help

Am I Depressed?

Am I depressed? That is a question that a lot of people ask themselves. Unfortunately this feeling of loneliness, and sadness plagues many of us. It can come out of nowhere and most likely for no reason. I know many people who have everything that they could have ever wanted, but inside have nothing. They feel like there is nobody there for them, or they feel unloved. I can relate to this feeling. From the outside looking in, I am successful, I have a wonderful son, and my family loves me.  ...

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