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I get asked for advice everyday on so many things, and i usually can help fix their situation. Unfortunately I’m not so good at taking my own advice. Of course that is so horrible considering what I’m trying to do for myself. I always tell someone to not stress or worry about it, because it will fix itself. Guess what i never take that advice!

Stress is something i am terrible with. I don’t do well with it at all! I think its because of my personality. I always try to fix things even if its not my problem. Recently i started taking a basic counseling course and i realized I’m doing a lot of the things that cause people to need help.

I had to sit down and ask myself why do i stress and worry about everything. The answer is because i care too much. More than a regular person should. I take on peoples feelings which in return makes me even more worried and stressed.

Some things that i have learned to do is to sit down and evaluate the situation that is causing these feelings.
Is it something i can change? Will it get better? Am i benefiting from this? Should i even be caring? Usually the answer is no to all of the above but, it is so hard to get out of my habit.

Right now i am making a promise to myself to stop worrying and stressing out and just relax. I am going to let things go. I want to be happy and live the way i am supposed to. Stress free!!


  1. Ms.B


    Practicing what you preach is so hard! Trust me when I say I am the queen at failing in that subject. One thing I have learned is to be patient with yourself and give yourself time to be who you are in your feelings.

  2. Anonymous


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