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Sometimes You Have to be Your Own Therapist.

Everyday life throws something new at you. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s definitely new. With that, you find yourself feelings these emotions. For me, I’m a very sensitive person. I wear my heart on my sleeve at times and end up with hurt feelings very quickly. I won’t lie, I also feel the depressed, anxious, stressed and worried feeling that many other people feel. Prayer works of course, but I am human and I do human-like things. I still take on these problems and try to fix them on my own. I don’t seek help or guidance. I go deeper into those feelings until I understand the why’s and the how’s. It isn’t easy but to me, I honestly feel that it’s very necessary to go through these issues.

Why? Because if you don’t go through it, you will never learn.

Learning is something that we do every day. No matter the criteria. But, the one thing we always neglect to learn about is ourselves. We ignore our feelings, hide them, forget about them, and try our best to destroy them. There are very few times when we decide it’s okay to get to know yourself. Trust me when I say that most of the older people that I know are just now figuring themselves out emotionally. I never could understand why that was the case. Here is my theory:

Here is my theory: They never learned. They never learned how to understand their emotions, their problems, and deal with them.

I’m only saying this because from the outside looking in, their idea of emotions is usually a get over it kind of thing. There is no deal with it now and fix it, there is no let’s talk about it, there isn’t even a move on peacefully in situations. It seems to always be constant problems that they either don’t realize they have or continue to harp on.

As I have grown and seen this happen over and over again I realized that I needed to learn from this mistake. I can not be afraid to deal with my emotions and deal with my feelings. I have to get through things even if they hurt.

The most common problems I have dealt with are loneliness and defeat. These two feelings create even bigger issues.

Depression, anxiety, fear, worry, stress, and just a bunch of other things. 

They stir up things that you can’t get rid of. It is so unfortunate because it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You feel like no one understands or can relate to you in even the least bit. But, you never realize that almost everyone goes through this in some type of way at some point in time.

 Can you avoid this? Can you fix this? Is it possible to heal from it all? Yes!

You can make it through by addressing the problem. What is the root of it all? How did you get there? Who and what is contributing to it? They seem like simple questions but they really can be complex. By answering those questions you can be able to identify and develop a plan for yourself.

I have gone through this process more than once. My way of thinking and working through things was developed over time and I am still learning to new ways to overcome. That is why I sometimes say you have to be your own therapist. No one can navigate your life the way that you can.

My relationship with God has given me the absolute strength through this. Yes, he knows all and can fix all. But, he want’s us to understand things by going through trials and tribulations. He holds our hand so we can open our eyes and trust in his position as our Lord. He blessed me with strength, a clear mind and a clear heart to be able to handle things and return my focus on what is important.

Hopefully, you can take something from this. I am not perfect and I really try to be helpful to others as I go through life. I would love to hear from you all and understand your take on the troubles of life.

Be Blessed!


  1. DEDE


    Love this. Every day it’s something new going on. You just have to figure it out in the best way for YOU! Not many can really understand that. This explains it pretty good.

  2. G


    Great post!

  3. Yvon


    What a wonderful and informative post!

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