Saved Single Mom

I am a single mom. I am saved. I miss being in a relationship a whole lot, but i know i have to be patient. It’s hard seeing everyone so happy and excited about their significant others and I’m just sitting there trying to be happy for them. I am i just wish i was with someone.

 Now wanting to be with someone will never come before my child. Ever!

 I am not looking for someone to be his father or anything like that, because he has one. I would like someone who enjoys children and wants to be more of a role model. The thought of being able to spend time with someone who can relate to things, and just calm you down is great.

 I have just recently got out of my shell and said okay I’m ready for this! Of course i prayed about this and my spirit felt like it was time. Praying during a phase in your life like this is really the only way to stay on top of things. When i asked the lord what i should be doing and looking for he told me that i should just let him figure that out and i would know when I’m on the right path. Don’t start this journey out making a list of things you want in a man. It wont work. Start of by saying i want someone who loves the lord and has an open mind about children. That’s all you need for right now.

Your eyes will be opened to what is right and wrong later on.

I have talked to a couple guys. Nothing serious. Only on a friendship level to feel things out. I pray for them and for myself. I don’t want anything that i will regret to happen so i keep it honest from the beginning on what I’m looking for. The main thing is to take it really slow. Never rush, build on a friendship first then you can figure out what will be next.

 Remember mommy needs to have her time too. As hard as it is to not feel guilty, really try not to. I feel guilty even leaving the house without my son! I know its something i have to do for myself.

 When you do find someone you are liking, try to be a little busy. Don’t make yourself easily available. This lets them know and understand how your life is. Plus is shows how strong of a woman you are.

 The most important thing is to show your love for Christ. It is what you want your relationship to be built on. If he cant understand that then maybe he isn’t worth it. There is hope for us! God provides everything that we are lacking. He wants us to be happy and what we did in the past is not going to change his love for us.


  1. Lyn


    Wow I was in this same boat. But I learned to be patient. IT really was hard but i made it thorugh.Hopefully you were able to find love again!

    I saw your blog on pinterest and i decided to scroll around and found this post. Keep blogging sweety. You are doing an awesome job.


  2. Mt


    Your posts is really intriguing

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