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AskMonae Advice: How do I know when the Spirit is speaking to me?

  Hi Ask Monae, I wanted to ask you a question! I often look to hear from the Spirit and I feel like I never am able to. I pray about it and I always read my bible trying to find a voice. But, I always seem to fail. How do I know when the Spirit is speaking to me? Hello, thank you for coming to me with this question. This is a question that many people have, even me at times. Thankfully there is an answer to it.

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A Set Apart Focus

  There is a daily mind struggle for everyone who is a believer. You have constant thoughts, that challenge you and your journey with God. It’s really difficult to sort them out and understand where they come from and why you even have them. You pray about it and ask God to you help you, or you talk to a friend about it. Often times you let these thoughts consume you and eventually they are your focus. You may not realize it but they are now who you are. You’ve become these  ...

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Ask Monae: How do I deal with bad communication in a long distance relationship?

  Question: My Boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. It has been going fine for the past few years, but now it is getting hard. We are having a hard time connecting and communicating. How can we fix this? Do you have any tips to make it through a relationship like this? Advice: First, I want to give you an imaginary high-five for staying in a long distance relationship for so long. It is very hard, and not many people are able to go the distance that you have been able to!

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