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How Do I Deal With Negative People?

Someone at work is always so negative towards me. How do I deal with this? Well let me start by saying I’m a very optimistic person. Hoping that one day that person in going to come into work a whole new creation! I know that is not the case. Being around negative people is a very hard thing to do. In the past, I would give people what they wanted and return the negativity. But, I have learned over the years that it doesn’t fix the problem. It only makes it worse! As a woman of  ...

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Inspiration, Self Help

And Then it Clicked!

For many years I have seen friends and family go through horrible relationships. Once they get out of the them the man or woman they were with, ends up leading a wonderful life with the new person. You see this and you get upset, and think that you may have been the problem. Well that couldnt be further from the truth. The problem wasnt you, it was the fact that you were their teacher.  What they learned from you is what they will do with someone else. You are setting someone up for a  ...

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Self Help

The Struggles of Being Content!

Being content is a real struggle! You live your life seeking peace, happiness, love whatever it may be. Those desires never come to fruition, simply because they aren’t important. Of course you may have those feelings every once in a while, but they are not long lasting. Well at least not on this earth! Being content is being alright with what you have and working towards what you may desire. In the Word of God it says to be content. Obviously it is easier said than done. I can think  ...

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