My Health Journey: Road to a NEW me.

Being healthy has become a monster in the lives of many. Everywhere you turn you see a new diet, a personal trainer, a new workout or diet pill. It is almost unbearable. But, in the back of your mind, you know that it’s time for you to join in and get it together. I’m talking about you and unfortunately myself too! 

Yes, It is time for me to get healthy. I am young and from what my blood work shows, I am the healthiest patient they’ve ever seen. ( They really told me this!) But, every victory has its downfalls. I need to lose weight. Not just 10 pounds, not just 20 pounds, but more like 60 pounds. And before you gasp or say woah you must be huge, let me explain.

Growing up I have always had a large body frame. I wasn’t chubby, but I was bigger than the other kids. I have been 5 foot 4 for almost my whole life and let me tell you that has been weird. Always taller than the other kids, now I’m shorter than most of the population. Interesting how life works.

Anyway, I have a nice shape some say coke bottle, I say more like a pear but I guess that is debatable. Never had any problems with my belly or anything like that. But, I do have large hips and thighs. This was the source of a lot of teasing in school. I would try my best to hide it but, let’s just say there wasn’t enough material.  Now that I am in my mid 20’s it’s what I love the most about my body.

I am not perfect, I have cellulite, stretch marks, even more, stretch marks from being pregnant with my awesome son. I have scars and beauty marks, and just anything every other human being may have.

I am okay with that. It isn’t a big deal to me but I can understand how it can be for some. 

Getting back on track with the story, I need to lose weight for many reasons that I think are for the best. For my height, I should be around 110-145lbs. That is the “normal” weight suggestion. I haven’t weighed that much since the early 00’s I can’t even imagine being that size. I have a large body frame and anything less than 160 has been too skinny for me. Currently, I am over 200lbs. That puts me in the obese category. It sounds like a lot but, it doesn’t look a lot. I haven’t changed clothing size or looked any different to others or myself.

I still look the same! But I don’t feel the same.

I feel slow, bloated, and achy.  I am uncomfortable in my own body and that is my fault. All of the years that I thought I was okay and looked great has caught up to me. I have to make a change not only for my health, for my family, but also to benefit my walk with The Lord.  I have to be able to go through this life in my best form.

I do not want to be skinny or too thin. I just want to be healthy and happy. I want to treat my body the way that it should be treated.

So how do I plan to lose this weight? Well, I was given a Low Carb-High Protein Diet. Something that I feel okay with. Limiting certain foods can be very hard at times, but I know that I need to take it slow and really give it my all. I am going to incorporate at least 20 minutes of fitness every day. Whether it’s walking, dancing, playing with my son, or running with the dogs, I will still do something.

I have also asked my niece to be my accountability partner. She will be there to push me, and tell me that I got this! I think that having a support system really helps you achieve success.

I am also going to stay in prayer and rely on the help of God. He gave me this body after all and knows exactly what I need to do. I will be doing some fasting for my health and prayer life. I want to reset my body and give it a chance to take a break from all of the food and stress that it has been under. Fasting is a great way to do that.

There will also be some detox recipes, and different things that I will try to keep my spirits up, and the weight down.

I will try to do frequent updates and upload photos of my progress.

I pray that I can be a shining light for others on this same journey and that I am able to honor the Lord in every way that I can with my new lifestyle and choices.

Be Blessed Everyone!

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  1. Rhonda


    I am also on this journey. It’s so hard but having support really helps! Good luck can’t wait for updates.

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