Loving Like God, Can Change a Mind


Loving Like God Can Change A Mind

Lately, all that I have been hearing about is sadness, pain, violence, fear, and a bunch of negativity. It’s becoming the normal way of living. It is expected and it almost seems like it is welcomed. Unfortunately, people don’t realize WE are the cause. Not God, not the devil, not anyone or anything else but us! We choose to make decisions without thinking about the outcome. Whether it be how we dress, what we say, how we act, or who we surround ourselves with. It is us, and we need to start taking accountability with that.

I believe there are so many influences, and people who allow one thing to be the problem for all things. Not all bad things lead to bad outcomes and vice versa. Not every Muslim or Christian is evil because one person has done something horrible. It can be said in so many different ways. But, the point is we all need to change how we think. Renew our minds. It is easier said than done. I know how hard it can be. One thing I know for sure we are missing is Love. Not the romantic love, but the irreplaceable, sacrificial, honest Love!  A love that never goes away, but gets stronger and is willing to see past faults and find what is greater.

Only God has the power to truly love so perfectly, but we can mimic that in every way. 

The Lord told us to Love no matter what. By doing this it shows others that we are his people. That his grace and mercy will help them.

Even if you feel like someone is wrong it is okay to think so. But, disagree with love in your heart. How? Well, you have to think before you speak. Listen to what someone has to say. Never try to down talk and give off that holier than though behavior. Trust me when I say no one can be perfect like God! But, you can show his words and his will. Represent his kingdom! Talk and act in a way that shows them you aren’t here to criticize. You are there to help them open their eyes, and open their hearts. Of course, many people won’t take what you say that way. Everyone interprets things differently. Knowing that, you must NEVER GIVE UP!

What if someone tries to hurt you in the situation or you are constantly turned away? You know, it will happen often. You will be discouraged. You will feel mistreated. But, love covers all of that. God is love after all, right?! HE said he would not leave us or forsake us. He will never allow anything or anyone to truly hurt who we are, nor what we stand for in HIS name.

You never know what your words and actions can do for someone. It may guide them to the Lord. It may help them to love more, or to treat people with respect. It can even change their minds about something that they’ve never been able to see the truth about. YOU can make a difference by doing something as small and being kind and loving. Will everyone accept it? No. Are people angry at things they can and can not fix? Yes. Will they pass the blame on you or even The Lord? Absolutely. But that’s okay. Why? Because they will respect you if you respect them. Listen and show the love that is meant to be given to everyone.

Even when its tough, never give up on trying to be the light in a room of darkness. Never stop trying to show HIS Commandments. Never stop trying to guide people to him in the best way possible. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with this. That is what he is there for! He will help you and give you the words to say and show you how to handle situations. Just ask.

It is so hard to be positive and loving and show the fruits of the spirit. But, it was never meant to be easy. It will never be easy in the world that we currently live in. Have faith (meaning take action) in your beliefs, and who you are in the Lord. If you do that, you will be able to live the life that is meant to be led. A life full of the Lords rest and his presence.

Remember to consult with HIM in prayer about everything you read concerning him. He is the only one who should help you make the right choices in your life.

What influences do you think are the hardest to separate from? What advice would you give your younger self in times like these?



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    Amen to that!!!

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    Wonderful post! Hope to see more on this topic.

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