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How to Organize Your Money! Part 1



In my life, I have always been good with money. My friends not so much! I won’t leave out certain family members on this either. As soon as they get a dollar they are running to spend it. This, of course, is the first mistake.

How did i become money savvy? I save as much as I can and organize it in a way that keeps me focused on the goal. If I need something I get it. But, if I want something I make sure to plan ahead for it. This can be done simply with one thing!

Envelopes! That’s right Envelopes.

It’s much easier to organize your money when you know exactly where it is going. This is why the envelopes are so important. Well, what goes in the envelopes? Cash! Cash is rarely seen these days, and that is a much bigger problem than you know. With the use of debit and credit cards, you spend without even knowing how much was charged. Now I am not against having them, I use them as much as the next person. But, they don’t hold all of my money. You never know what could happen in our economy that could cause every dime you have to disappear. So leaving just enough in there is the way to go.

Let’s get back to the money! Now when you combine cash and envelopes you have a winning combination. It’s going to keep your money focused and growing. Here are the simple steps I took:

1. Go through your expenses; bills, tuition, gas, groceries, tithing,saving, repair, allowances etc…

2. Label the envelopes. Label them based on the categories you have decided on. Mine are tuition, bills, groceries, car expenses, savings, spending, and gas. You can also have some for allowances as well.

3. Sort out money for each thing. This can be done by totaling each category up, or just even dispersing the desired amount. I like to total each category up and hopefully have at least 3 months for each.

4. This is an optional step. You can write out your amount and date it. Every time you go in that enveloped document it. This will ensure you don’t have anything missing and it helps you retrace your steps.

4. Put them somewhere safe. Now this is a place you can always find. You can put it in a drawer, a safe, closet, anywhere where you know it is protected.

It may seem like it takes a while to do this, but it really doesn’t. If you want to be able to afford the things you want, you have to do some time-consuming things. Over time I have been able to not only save money but extend it beyond what I ever have. I know how much I have, and what I have it for. If I need to have money in my account for something, I easily make a deposit.

Money can be a very touchy subject. You work long hours to get it, and it takes a second to lose it. But, there are many great ways to make sure you keep it for as long as possible. How? Well its too much to put in one post. So, i’ll be posting about it frequently as I find new ideas to share with you.

This how-to may not be for you. What works for you and your family? Share some tips on how you save money!

God Bless You!





  1. Anonymous


    This is a great help! I am going to try out this envelope method. I am one of those who can’t seem to figure where my money went. I will come back to give an update on how my savings went. Thanks AskMonae!

  2. Anonymous


    I am putting all of these tips to use!!! Thank you for this. I can’t wait for part 2!

  3. Anonymous


    Great idea! I’m interested in seeing what you come up with next!

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