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How to commune with God


How To Commune With God

Have you ever felt like you needed to spend some time alone? Or maybe just need a break from the world? Yes, I know you may feel like this on a daily basis. It just might be God telling you it’s time to fellowship with him. Fellowship? Yes! Fellowship just like you would with your friends and family. But, there is something different about this. It’s not just talking to him. Its not just praying. Its more than that. It is communing! This is a closeness that only You and The Most High can experience.

What is communing with God? Communing with God is spending intimate time with him. Deeply communicating with him and listening to his voice. Focus on him and talk to him and allow yourself to let everything go. Just be in his presence. He wants you to do this as often as possible. It strengthens your connection with him and the Holy Spirit. It will also reset your goals, intentions, thoughts, and feelings. Be prepared to feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders!

How do you do this? Find a quiet place. An area where you have no distractions. Some people have a prayer closet, or they lock themselves away in the bathroom or their bedroom. For a mom like me, my son will find me anywhere! So I have learned to do this when he is sleeping or focused on his tablet. The best place has always been outside in nature. You really learn to appreciate even the smallest thing he has created. Sometimes I do cover my head. A scarf, a hat, a blanket, or whatever is near. This is up to you but, I enjoy doing this.

Have your bible or a notebook or something that can help you in his word, and with what you learn.

Now just sit and listen to him. He may speak to you in a still small voice, or he may reach you through scripture, nature, anywhere and anyway. Just listen and expect to hear him some way. It is better to be quiet and listen when concerning God. He wants your attention and will surely speak to those who want to listen.

When you feel like you have heard from God always pray about it and consult the Holy Spirit. Ask him questions about things you may not understand. It is okay to do this. Don’t mistakes asking a question with questioning his authority! Or talk to him about things you may be having on your mind. He loves to hear that! Write down what you are learning and what he may be answering. Look through your bible and find confirmation for what you have heard and learned from the time spent with him.

My favorite part. You must pray! Give it your all. He is listening and is ready to comfort you about all things. Never be afraid to pray about anything (Philippians 4:6). When I was younger I would be so worried to pray about certain things. From the smallest thing to the biggest thing. I guess I just didn’t understand prayer. It’s not a wish list, but a love list. Its something that is personal to you.

Finally Give praise to him. Thank him for the time you spent with him. Thank him for all in your life. Showing gratitude is the best way to honor him. Besides guiding people to him of course.

If you don’t hear God’s voice remember that he is with you, near you, and in your heart. He is the word, he created the word, and he has given it to you. You will always be able to hear from him through the bible.

I myself want to work on this more. My Spirit really needs it. I feel so much better when I take that time out to spend it only with him. Just listening and feeling his presence. Thank You Lord!

Remember that The Lord is our friend (John 15:14-15). He wants to have the best relationship with us. Even when we may feel strange not being able to see him, just know his word is true, and he honors his promises.

Do you commune with God? How often? Any tips on how someone can commune better with him?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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    This is a very good topic! Not many people are thinking of this in their walk with God.

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    Your blog is wonderful!

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