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AskMonae Advice: How do I know when the Spirit is speaking to me?

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Hi Ask Monae, I wanted to ask you a question! I often look to hear from the Spirit and I feel like I never am able to. I pray about it and I always read my bible trying to find a voice. But, I always seem to fail. How do I know when the Spirit is speaking to me?

Hello, thank you for coming to me with this question. This is a question that many people have, even me at times. Thankfully there is an answer to it.

So, How do you know when the Spirit is speaking to you? The Spirit speaks to you in every way possible! It is the voice in your head, the confirmation you hear from a friend, the gut feeling, and even the inspirational message you see on social media. It is happening and the Spirit is speaking but, the problem here is are you listening?

There are so many times that we overlook or second guess the voice that we’ve been looking for. Not because you want to, but because you didn’t recognize it. Recognizing the voice is what must be worked on.

How do you recognize the voice? It begins with understanding God’s word. By knowing what the Bible says you can rightly judge whether or not the Spirit is talking to you.

You have to test all things! It must always align with scripture and never against what The Lord would want.

Find it in God’s word and pray about it. Ask for clarity and guidance in whether or not you are hearing the Holy Spirits sweet soft voice. Don’t feel discouraged if it’s not right away. Everything takes time, and you need to continue to walk in God’s will while you wait for an answer.

Whenever I feel like the world is overshadowing my spirit, I always take some quiet time alone. I sit, relax, and open my heart. I let the sounds of everything and everyone around me GO! My attention focuses on God and I ask the Spirit to speak to me in whatever way that I can understand. It is always so helpful and brings be so much comfort.

Hopefully, I was able to help you with this!


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