About Me


Hello! I am Monae. I own and operate Askmonae.com! I am a cool mom, funny, and in love with The Lord! I love to help those in need and do my best to guide them in the right direction. I started Ask Monae because I wanted to answer questions and talk about things that I learn. Sometimes I just want to express myself and give my readers an insight on who I am. I have a lot of advice to give and experiences to share, that I think others can benefit from.

Writing is very therapeutic for me. It gives me the ability to help others in various areas of their life, which is what I feel like my purpose is. Being loving, kind, helpful, and selfless is when I am at my best. I want to live this way every day as best as I can, but Of course, no one is perfect.  I make mistakes, I get angry, and trust me there are days when I just want to cry. I’m human and I’m thankful for everything I experience.

Through Ask Monae, I hope to guide my readers to The Lord. I want to show them he is very real and present in our hectic lives. No matter what you go through you can rely on HIM and his WORD. Often times we want to see to believe or follow along with the world. But, that is not what we are called to do. It is not our path in life. Everyone has their own path in life and where it leads you is up to your heart and your journey with God.  Hopefully, I can be a help to those who read my blog.

Following Christ is not about being perfect and having it all together. It is about being true and honest to not only him but also yourself. He wants you to love, have fun, and experience things. It’s okay to have desires, goals, and dreams. Give yourself time to learn, understand, and explore. But always remember who the King of your life is. He blesses you with these opportunities and even when life gets hard he is with you. Trust me life will get hard and you know what that’s okay because we are strong through him, with him, and because of him and his sacrifice.

Here at Ask Monae, you will laugh, cry, pray, and learn. It’s not about being serious 100% of the time. It’s about experiencing life and going through the journey that we all must travel through! I’m praying for all of my readers and those who share the same message.

Be Blessed!


Psalms 91