About Me

Hello! I am Monae. I own and operate Askmonae.com! I started this blog because I have always been the advice giver and the listening ear for those around me. I figured why not branch out and help other people. As an introvert, talking in person can be a bit exhausting for me. But, having a blog or an online outlet that I can work with on my own time, is the best thing ever! This way, I can share my experiences, life lessons, and help guide others in their journey while I am still on my own.

My main goal for this blog is to guide others to a better version of themselves (self-improvement) through self-love. It is so hard to have self-love when it was never an important part of your life. There are so many things that take priority over YOU, but I’m here to show you that it must change. It is a hard path to take, but once when you get through it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

The foundation of this blog is my relationship with God. In order for me to help other’s, I have to listen and allow him to guide me through my spirit. I do my best to share his love through my words and my actions. Faith and spirituality are extremely important to me and how I interact with those around me. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, understand that this is a place of both comfort and discomfort. Comfort because you can find peace and understanding in your situations. Discomfort because you will begin to challenge yourself and learn who you are.

This is an about me so let’s get to it!

I am a mom to a handsome boy. I live in sunny California with my amazing family. I have 2 mini poodles Miley and Morgan, and a cute kitty named Mocha. I love to play games and I have a mild addiction to The Sims. (I can play literally all day) I love to do arts & crafts but most importantly I love to bake. Not to brag, but I am really good at baking!

I am an entrepreneur. I have several businesses with my family. I love working with them. I have degree’s in Culinary Arts, Kinesiology, and Social and Behaviour Studies. I also have a certificate in faith-based counseling. My hope is that I can use the tools and resources that I have to help others.

I have a lot of blessings in my life, and I am so thankful that I am able to share them with my readers!