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A Set Apart Focus


A Set Apart Focus

There is a daily mind struggle for everyone who is a believer. You have constant thoughts, that challenge you and your journey with God. It’s really difficult to sort them out and understand where they come from and why you even have them. You pray about it and ask God to you help you, or you talk to a friend about it. Often times you let these thoughts consume you and eventually they are your focus. You may not realize it but they are now who you are. You’ve become these thoughts. These negatives emotions build up and sooner or later, your thoughts of God are becoming less and less.

How do you change that? How can it be fixed? Is it even possible in this day and age?

The answer is Yes! How do I know? Well, lets just say iv’e been in this position many times. Iv’e struggled with depression, stress, worry, fear, and sadness. Iv’e been angry, and I have allowed so many people and situations change my views on life and focus on what is important.

What is important? Your relationship with the Lord is number one in importance. Your Family, friends, job, and education are all important too. But, they aren’t what your focus should be. This isn’t saying they don’t deserve your attention. They have a place in your life, and deserve that special relationship with you.

When I say focus, I mean it should be consuming you. It should be the only thing you are set on and achieving.

Imagine an Olympian running track. They set their focus on the finish line, they see no one around them, they don’t get distracted by the cheering and screaming on the sidelines. Instead they block it out and choose to keep focused. That is how your relationship with God should be.

You should be so focused, that no matter what happens, you are still on that straight and narrow path. Not only in your physical, but in your mental.

Of course your thoughts won’t always be perfect, or good, but you will begin to understand the process of shifting those thoughts. Stop those thoughts and ideas in their tracks. Think of things that are heavenly. Be positive, and take it one day at a time.

This way of thinking give you the tools to obedience, and all of the things you love and care about will fall into place. Your relationship with your family will flourish, your job will get better, your education will be at the highest level. Not because you were given some secret gift, its because you allowed yourself to be set apart.

You unblocked your blessings and you let the Lord work in your life.

There will be challenging times, and trust me when I tell you there will be people who will test you. The devil is busy in many ways and many people. But, knowing that you can conquer them with your security in God, is so renewing.

You will no longer want to speak death (negative things), you will instead speak life (good things). No matter the situation. I guess the term used is “killing them with kindness”. This usually will make them realize their wrong doing.

At first it will be really hard to hold your tongue, but you will begin to realize that many times there is no value in trying to argue or state your case. Let them see who you are in your actions. They speak louder than words anyway.

On a side note speaking your mind is not a bad thing nor is it always a good thing. There is a time and a place for everything. Allow your holy spirit to guide you in what to say and how to react to situations. Every action doesn’t always deserve a reaction.

No more distractions from the things and people that don’t matter. That’s how you get caught up and eventually end up in a space that you wish you never ended up in. Jesus wants us to give him those things. We must never allow them to have reign over our lives. That’s why he sacrificed for us. We don’t have to worry about it.

Once you realize what your focus should be, you begin to see the alignment of your life with God’s will. Certain things will begin to make sense, or become easier to ignore. In the end you will have the rest that is promised in the word of God.

Your relationship with Him will become what it is meant to be. The value of your time with him and focus will be immeasurable. You won’t want to sacrifice it.

I was inspired to write this after reading Colossians 3. It kind of woke me up to how I have been thinking. Iv’e allowed certain thoughts to cause me to neglect my relationship with Christ, and the tasks that iv’e needed to achieve. It happens so often in this world, but I have to remember to be set apart. I am not of this world and I am destined for something better in Christ. That is the focus that I must set my sights on.

What have you been distracted by, or focused on? Has it hurt or helped with your growth in Christ? Let me know!

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    Great post. I love your explanation on this.

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