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Why You May Be Hurting Your Diet

Why You May Be Hurting Your Diet


Going on diets has been an almost weekly thing. I’ve tried almost everything you can imagine to lose weight. They all give you a guarantee that they will help you lose fast. But, unfortunately, they never do. It’s not the product or diet most of the time. It’s you (and me).

The truth is all diets will work. But, it is you who may be broken. I say this because no matter what you may do or say, you will never be able to be who you want to be without fixing your mind. Your mind controls everything. It can harbor pain, negativity, and bad habits. It won’t stop you from making the wrong choice. It gives you the cravings that cause you to overeat, it brings up old emotions that make you lean on food, and it replays events that caused the dependence on food in the first place.

What is dependence on food? Well, it is using food as a way to bandage up an old wound. A wound that seems to never heal. It gets bigger and bigger as time goes by. When you feel the pain of it, you go to your comforter which is food. It is a drug for you like pain medication. Yes, it is an addiction. Many people who get weight loss surgery often fail because they lose the cravings, and have no way to heal their emotional pain. This is why it is important to realize that there are deeper issues involved with weight loss. Once you can clear them up, you can begin to heal those old wounds and become a better you.

It is not an easy process and you will fail many times. But, that is okay. You will always pick yourself up and again and make small changes. Here are a few steps:

1.Start by determining what is the cause and why

2.How did it make you feel

3.At what point did you turn to food

4.How does food make you feel

5.How can you heal those feelings

6.What is an alternative to the cravings

Yes, it will be really hard to get through those steps. Do not rush through them, take your time. Allow yourself to go through the motions. It will be well worth it in the end. Once you are healed you will be able to become a better you. Focus then on who you are on the inside, be positive, be strong, and shine a light for others to see. Eventually, you will get to the outside and will love everything you see. You were made special, there is no one else like you in the world (unless you’re a twin!), Embrace that thought and share it with others.

When you are all healed up, you will have learned a lot about your health. You will notice what you eat and how much of it. You won’t want to put unhealthy things into your body. Of course, you can indulge and enjoy yourself, but now its to celebrate your accomplishments! Every day is a new day and a good day to be a better you.

Whether you are a believer or not, use this experience to open your eyes to new possibilities. Understand why God created you and how you can use your experience to help someone else.

Have your diets always failed? Are you the problem? What was your solution? Leave your comments down below!



  1. Jen


    This spoke volumes to me. I have always dieted and never could keep the weight off. Now I’m getting it! There’s is something that needs to change within me.

    Thank you for this!

  2. Anonymous


    Thanks, this site is really valuable

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