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Because of Love…

This post is about Love. About God’s Love. He sacrificed his sons life for all of the world. It can be hard to believe that someone or something exists outside of our world. But, it does! It amazing to think we were created to live and to love. Unfortunately everyone knows how it went and why we needed a savior. Thankfully he came and lived his life in a way that was perfect in God’s eyes. He was able to save us from the darkness that we would of faced. So to honor him we share  ...

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Advice, Self Help

How do I find my calling?

How do I find my calling? Well I get this question all the time. It is something that I too have struggled with. Frequently I would find myself in prayer asking the Lord what my calling is. Each time I would wait for an answer and got nothing. But, overtime i realized he was answering the question all along. It is whatever I find happiness in that honors him. To explain this I will talk about what I enjoy. I feel the happiest when I am helping others. That can include, giving advice, time,  ...

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