Born Again Monae

I am a single mom. I have been this way for a few years just going through the motions. I realized there was something really missing and that was the lord. I have been christian for my whole life but you never really get taught that its an every day struggle. I don’t say that in a bad way. I’m saying as it is something that takes time to really understand. I started reading my bible, and i got a prayer journal and prayed everyday. Three times a day, probably more than that. I prayed to be closer to the lord and to change my life for the better.
One day I turned on the TV and it was on TBN a christian channel and there was a woman talking about how to get closer to the lord. Of course I jumped up and said okay this is a huge sign. I listened to her talk about the things you should do and i realized I’m not doing any of those things, nor was I taught how to in church.
Here is what she said:

1. Salvation prayer. I didn’t know that was an option. I had been baptized and I thought that was it. I learned that being baptized doesn’t save you but faith in Jesus Christ does. So I said the prayer and I felt so different. I know now that I was blessed with the holy spirit!

 2. Pray. Of course I prayed, I just wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I asked the lord to guide me through prayer and he did!
 3. Cut out all the bad stuff. This didn’t happen over night and it isn’t expected to. The lord loves you no matter what and he wont stop loving you, especially if he sees you trying to get better. Take it one day at a time.
 4. Fellowship with others. This one is hard because I haven’t found a home church yet, but it doesn’t have to be at church. It can be anywhere with anyone that believes in what you believe.
 5. Read your bible. I had read it many times before but I had never jumped out at me. After I said the salvation prayer and became filled with the holy spirit, it all came together. I felt like I had never read it before. Everything had a huge meaning to me. I could understand it! Now my bible has got writing and hi-lighting in it on certain scriptures and books.
 I am so grateful for that day. I was always told God loves you and he sent Jesus to be the bearer of your sin. I now understand why. I feel so blessed to be able to know what my future holds. This journey will not be easy. You must have faith in the lord at all times.
 No matter what! I will never try to force my opinion on anyone. I won’t judge someone for theirs. I am just here to help on any situation. I have a very open mind and love for anyone no matter the circumstances.


  1. Jan


    Such a great post. I too had experienced being a sinle mom and really needed some help within. It is so hard but the Lord can really change you.

  2. Hannah


    I enjoy reading through your internet site. Appreciate it!

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